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Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I've been so busy promoting my new book lately, and of course I am incredibly grateful for the wonderful feedback I've heard from friends and strangers alike. Meanwhile, I don't want to forget about my blog subscribers, so here are a few podcasts I've appeared on that I hope you will find interesting and engaging:

  1. Last week I appeared on local AM radio station KGO for an interview with host Maureen Langan. WE talked about my new book, He's Always Been My Son, and I took some calls from listeners. Click HERE to go to Maureen's KGO page and then scroll down to listen to "September 17, 2017: Janna Barkin, Author of He's Always Been My Son."

  2. My husband Gabriel and I were interviewed recently for a podcast by Darren Main, you can hear us and download the podcast HERE.

UPDATE: For the most up to date links and interviews, please see my About page on my website.

Thanks for all your support and for reading and sharing He's Always Been My Son.


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