About Janna

Janna Barkin is a proud mother of a transgender son, author, and a passionate advocate for transgender youth rights. She is a long-time educator, well-known and loved in her northern California community as a yoga teacher and early childhood teacher/director. Currently, Janna focuses her attention on gender advocacy and education, and she also provides support and coaching for transgender youth and their families.

Janna’s book He's Always Been My Son: A Mother's Story about Raising Her Transgender Son (Jessica Kingsley Publishing, August, 2017) is an uplifting and supportive memoir of her journey raising a transgender son from birth through to adulthood. He's Always Been My Son is an Amazon.com #1 bestseller in the United States, and a "Book to Watch" selection in The Bookseller, a U.K. publishing industry magazine.

Since 2015, Janna has led a support group for parents and caregivers of transgender and gender expansive and questioning youth at the Spahr Center in San Rafael, CA. She has been a featured speaker and workshop facilitator at the Gender Spectrum Conference, at Fortune 500 corporations including The Gap and Microsoft, and at schools, bookstores, libraries, and other community gatherings. She writes regularly for the Huffington Post and posts frequently on her personal blog “He's Always Been My Son” (www.hesalwaysbeenmyson.com).

Janna shares her story about raising her transgender child to raise awareness, and to foster more compassion, understanding, and acceptance in our society.

Janna is available for coaching, consulting, training, and speaking engagements.