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Being a grandparent to a trans child can feel isolating. Generational differences can make it challenging for you to understand what they're going through, and you might not have the vocabulary to discuss it with them, or have found peers who are experiencing something similar. At the same time - your love, understanding and acceptance will play a huge role in the flourishing of your trans grandchild.

With up-to-date research on gender identity, letters and stories from grandparents on the same journey, resources for transgender youth and their families, and a selection of online and local support groups - this book provides uplifting, educational guidance on how to support your grandchild - and yourself!

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Stories for Grandparents of Transgender Children

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A Mother's Story About
Raising Her Transgender Son

When I first started looking for information and support to help me understand my child, I was lucky to find some great resources.  But at the time there were only a scant few voices and websites that were able to provide information and perspective about parenting a transgender child.  (Actually, I am not sure the word “blog” even existed when I began exploring this subject almost 15 years ago.)


Now there are so many great resources available on the Internet and elsewhere.  Sadly, there is also a lot of misinformation, fear, hate, and ignorance.


My book He's Always Been My Son recounts the emotional and uplifting journey of raising our transgender son.  Our family has come a long way since our child first told us he was a boy and not a girl.  My memoir charts our family's experiences of raising a transgender child from birth through to adulthood.  With powerful chapters written by other family members and friends, we share personal stories of the support and discoveries our family encountered, and I also provide a "care package" of advice for families raising transgender children, including a glossary of terms and a list of hand-picked support sources.

He's Always Been My Son reminds us to accept others for who they are, and I promise you it will support, educate and inspire anyone who reads it! 

Stories.  Connections.  Love. 

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