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Every child deserves to be loved and supported unconditionally. Being transgender is just one more beautiful normal variation of being human.

There was not an ah-hah moment when I just knew my own child was transgender.  My husband and I were very aware that our child was not your average ‘tomboy.”  The signs were always there, from the way he insisted upon being dressed, to the so-called “boy” toys he consistently chose to play with, to the way he carried himself and moved his body.  (Of course, these “signs” don’t always mean someone Is transgender.)


My understanding and acceptance developed over a long period of time and followed closely with my child's understanding and acceptance of himself.

  • For LGBTQ youth, support from at least one important adult life greatly reduces their risk of mental / emotional health challenges and greatly increases their chances for success. (Trevor Project)

Today, I support transgender youth and their families as facilitator of parent support groups, workshop presenter, and parent coach.  My book He’s Always Been My Son (August 2017 Jessica Kingsley Publishers) was a #1 bestseller on Amazon and continues to be a valuable resource. 

  • LGBTQ youth have among the highest suicide rates in the nation.

In all of my work I strive to provide a safe and informational environment for parents, family members, friends, educators, and corporations to learn more about what it is like to be the parent of, advocate for, and above all, love a transgender child.

  • The Human Rights Campaign conducted a groundbreaking study in which 10,000 LGBTQ identified youth ages 13-17 were surveyed. 42% said that the community in which they live is not accepting of LGBT people. 26% say their biggest problems are not feeling accepted by their family/ trouble at school/bullying, and fear to be out/open

It is my hope that sharing my story about raising our transgender child and what I have learned along the way will foster more compassion, understanding, and acceptance in our society.


Our family is so grateful to all our family and friends and greater community who have accepted and even embraced our son’s transition.  We know we are fortunate in this regard as many do not experience this type of support. I am here to advocate, inspire, educate, and above all save lives.  I am glad you are here.

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